A brief history of Study Parks

Study United at Glanford Park was opened in 2003. Part of the government Playing for Success (PfS) initiative to raise education standards and pupil motivation through the use of study centres at sports clubs' grounds and sporting venues. The centres were vibrant, exciting and stimulating places for young people to learn. In all, 18 different sports were represented in PfS.

Students at the centres got up to speed in the key skills of literacy, numeracy and ICT - the foundation stones of their education. Tens of thousand of children came out of the centres' doors with improved skills, motivation and self-esteem, giving them a real boost and, in many cases, a new start on which to build on back at school.

The centres opened out of school hours and mainly catered for 10-14 year olds who were at risk of underachieving, using the stimulus of sport to motivate them. 

We expanded into a purpose built study centre at Heslam Park in February 2008. The inclusion of a kitchen area in the centre gave us the opportunity to focus on Healthy Lifestyles with the support of the Focus on Food - Let's get Cooking campaign.

Following on from the PfS scheme we have continued to use our purpose built facilities to offer new and exciting programmes to schools and individuals throughout North Lincolnshire.

The addition of a green-screen TV studio with full multimedia facilities enhances the wide range of learning experiences we can offer.



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