Sense of Place Poetry Competition

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At Study Parks we are proud to support North Lincolnshire Council’s Words Count poetry competition, celebrating life across our area. There are some great prizes to be won and the chance to be featured in a special anthology, supported by the North Lincolnshire Children’s Literacy Trust.    

Your entry can be about any part of your life in North Lincolnshire. You may choose to write about somewhere you love to go, a sporting hero or favourite sporting moment, or a fellow resident who has inspired you and made a real difference in your area.

Submit your poems before Friday 23 March to or post to Words Count, Learning Development Centre, Enderby Road, Scunthorpe, DN17 2JL.

Please make sure you include your name, age and address with your entry.

Study Parks students have got the ball rolling with these great poems about the Iron.

Good Luck with your own entries!

Glanford Park Gladiators

Scunny United is my team

To play for them, would be a dream

Rain or shine this team is mine

Be the same to the end of time

Alexander’s claret blue army

To support another would be barmy

The game begins, the whistle blows

What’s to follow, well, who knows

90 minutes of excitement to be had

When the Iron lose it makes me sad

The Donny Road roars, when Paddy Madden scores

Glanford Park Gladiators, fight to the end

A well-earned victory makes my weekend

The journey home is full of cheer

And, who knows, maybe this will be our year


A Kenning for my Hero – Hakeeb Adelakun!

He's a boot wearin'

crowd pleasin'


Top Trumpin'

high kickin'

ball passin'

slide tacklin'

corner crossin'

team huggin'

back heelin'

high fivein'

penalty takin'

trophy liftin'

goal scorin'


hand shakin'