Summer term 2018

The Summer term is here and we're back with a new cohort on our Supporter 2 Reporter programme. We are delighted to welcome pupils from St Peter & St Paul CE Primary - Bottesford, Brigg Primary, St Helena's CE Primary - Kirmington and Oakfield Primary - Bottesford.

They're all raring to go and this week have completed their Glanford Park ground tours.

Having toured the stadium taking photos on the iPads, they all returned to the media centre for a quick drink and snack before creating their very own iMovie. Selecting their best 12 photos, they added titles and credits. They then put pen to paper to write a commentary describing the photos they had taken and some of the facts they had learnt on the ground tour. 

The following week, our junior reporters returned to finish off their commentaries and record them over their iMovies. This was followed by a newspaper article writing session where they described their activities over the past two week. A great start from all involved. 

Well done!